Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"We should just tell anyone who asks that we're traveling around the world in this Van"

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago of a bunch of the interns at Rocking the Daisies, a music festival held on a wine estate just outside of Cape Town. The Lesotho crew rented a huge van and picked us and Kimberley up on the way down. The whole weekend was insane and ridiculously fun.

Anna and I were just down in Port Elizabeth for the weekend with another huge group of interns. We brought a bit of American culture to this coastal industrial town (think Detroit on a tropical beach) by celebrating Halloween on Saturday and all dressing up in a variety of elaborate costumes. On the way home to Richmond, we stopped off at Addo Elephant Park, one of South Africa's national game reserves. We took a guided tour and saw at least three dozen elephants, Zebras, a wild boar that looked exactly like Pumba from Lion King, and a bunch of lion cubs which were absolutely the cutest animals I've ever seen in my life.

Hunkered down in Richmond for a few weeks training new coaches and trying to shore up GRS expansion plans in the region.

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