Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Our introduction by a bigwig from the Northern Cape Department of Education at a crucial school district meeting, at which Anna and I were presenting the GRS expansion strategy for the Karoo region:

"Colleagues, please give a warm welcome to Chris Kaimmer and Anna. They are from Brasilia."

Without breaking stride, Anna and I jumped into our presentation. Not only was our given homeland a few thousand miles South of its correct location but, ironically, the bigwig failed to give Anna's last name, just like real Brazilian soccer players (e.g. Ronaldo, Fred, Dunga, etc.).

But the expansion is off to a great start. The only problem is driving an hour and a half up and down the N1 to the expansion sites...one lane each way, 75mph speed limit, cracked-out truckers hauling ass from Joburg to Cape Town, highest death rate in South Africa (mom, you didn't read that)...it's crazy and terrifying.

In the words of my forefathers, muito obrigado e até logo,


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