Monday, October 5, 2009

No, We Don't Braai The Children

A couple of photos:

A common South African pastime (to the extent that I'm in a position to comment on South African pastimes) is the "braai," which doubles as a noun and verb for barbecue/barbecuing. Braai-ing is pretty sweet...big hunks of meat, slathered in spices, locked into a square metal cage that can be flipped and then spring open once the meat's done, then stuffed into either an ember-heated brick oven (like the ones below) or just on top of a more traditional BBQ rig. Either way, it's awesome and occurs deliciously often. The Hope in Richmond community center (out of which GRS works) has its own little braai facility. Here's a picture of some of our kids posing in the braai holes.

And a shot of Anna and I with the kids. A little washed out, but enjoy.

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