Wednesday, July 22, 2009

GRS training weekend fun

Just returned from a great pre-orientation weekend with GRS up at Dartmouth. It really seems like an incredible group of kids going next year; the staff and former interns who were there to organize everything were awesome too. Lots of fun icebreakers and teambuilding activities: dancing competition (our group miraculously won), presentations on GRS policies and methodology, some HIV/AIDS education, and a big meet-and-great BBQ with bigwigs, donors and others interested in the GRS mission. A bit of soccer too...a good chunk of the interns are former varsity soccer players but that didn't stop one of the top recruits to Yale's 2nd Club Soccer team from doing a bit of damage.

Right now hanging out at Yale doing a bit of work for the ol' Yale Student Technology Collaborative. Emailed my boss asking if I was still an eligible employee and I guess they need some help because they've got me back fixing computers and helping with conferences. In and out of NYC between now and August 1st when I fly...will be visiting friends, gearing up with last minute purchases, and trying to acquire an International Driver's License. Little do the South African traffic authorities know what they're getting into....

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