Saturday, September 12, 2009

"The World's Best Developed Desert" - Richmond and the Karoo

Just some cool pictures we've taken of Richmond, so you have an idea of what things look like out here.

Karoo Scenery: the little sandstone mountain caps are called "kops" or "koppes." There are some cool (probably half-true) stories about outnumbered British soldiers setting up shop on these strategic vantage points to fend off overwhelming odds in the 19th century wars against native Africans and then, later on, the Dutch-origin Boer commandos.

Richmond from distance (notice, if you look closely, "our Hollywood" in the shadows on the hillside)

A Karoo Scene: bramble in the foreground; Windmills are big here (shoutout to the original settlers of the Karoo, Boer farmers with Dutch heritage?), and used as the primary means of pumping water on most of the farms I've seen.

Typical Richmond street: sleepy and quiet; we're told it gets really nice and green here in the summer (November-Feb/March). It is a semi-desert though, so we're not holding our breath.

"Downtown" Richmond, Loop Street; Driesfontein Retirement Home is in the foreground on the right, directly next door to our house on Loop Street (Loopstraat). While practicing guitar on our front porch, an old lady on her way home asked if I would come play for all the old folks sometime. I said I might be able to, once I get a bit better at playing. I've since realized they have cable TV there so, Hilda, put me down for 3 o'clock next Tuesday.

Richmond Signs: The "Drankwinkel" is not only an awesome word for liquor store but also the busiest shop in town; Guest Houses are big business here; you already know how I feel about the prison; I have no idea what Groenvlei means; and the arrow to the airport refers to a dirt landing strip out thatta way in the middle of the desert (Anna and I have run out there...don't plan on flying in to visit anytime soon).

Another epic sunset in the Karoo

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