Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alive and Well in Africa

After a bit of a scare yesterday when I slept through my alarm on flight day and had to hop a taxi to JFK, I arrived safely in Cape Town this afternoon; almost all the other interns were already at the hotel as our group of 5 rolled in. I'm totally blown out from a day of travelling, lots of soda at altitude, several movies and countless Simpsons episodes.

We all went to the Grassroot Soccer office and helped unpack some (over two hundred) boxes of donated Nike, bags, jerseys in all sizes and colors ("colours", as I better get used to). Cape Town is ridiculously pretty: huge mountain peaks ring a bowl that contains picturesque Cape Town, white sand beaches, golf courses, etc. But, as we saw even on the little drive from the airport, for every beach and golf course there's a beaten down shack. The economic disparity between white, coloured and black was apparent from the get-go, and we received an extended view of the shantytown townships on the way in.

Pizza for dinner on Long Street (a Cape Town hotspot); walking around at night felt pretty safe, especially in a big group of athletic, studly GRS interns. Back for sleep now, as we're up at 7 AM in the morning for a "get to know Cape Town" scavenger hunt, and I'm going for the win!

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